Giving impact to academic research to help companies make better decisions

How SelfSurvey works




Fill a questionaire

You fill a questionnaire of a study you are most interested in.

Obtain meaningful feedback

After completion of the questionnaire you obtain meaningful feedback based on the underlying research model, along with a scientifically-grounded, automated interpretation of your individual results.

Share and discuss

You can share and discuss your results with others or invite others to participate in a SelfSurvey.


Evidence-based management and engaged scholarship

SelfSurvey builds on the principles of evidence-based management and engaged scholarship. Researchers provide their insights from academic research studies as ‘SelfSurveys’ in order to inform, inspire, and impact practice.

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Deploy second-generation path modelling and prediction techniques

SelfSurvey uses second-generation path modelling and prediction techniques to derive respondent-specific benchmarks based on a conceptual model specified by the researcher and underlying data.

Available SelfSurveys

In collaboration with

Professor Till J. Winkler

University of Hagen

SelfSurvey is an independent, research-based survey platform that brings together practitioners, analysts, and researchers in order to make scientific insights available for addressing practice-relevant questions under the highest data protection requirements.

Professor Marko Sarstedt

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

The partial least squares-based prediction underlying SelfSurvey has the capability to provide respondent-specific benchmarks in real-time based on conceptual models specified and validated by the researcher.

Professor Niels Bjørn-Andersen

Copenhagen Business School

If respondents reflect upon SelfSurvey’s feedback in the light of their own situation, the results can indeed provide increased insight for practice and thus lend real impact to academic scholarship.

Professor Ada Pellert (President)

University of Hagen

The effective use of data is the basis for societal progress. The SelfSurvey platform fits into the Citizen Science strategy at University of Hagen, as it can involve practitioners in current research initiatives from a wide range of application fields.

Who benefits from SelfSurvey?


Survey administrator

Researchers can launch new SelfSurveys by making their research actionable for practitioner audiences and thereby contributing to practice through engaged scholarship.


Survey respondent

Managers can take part in SelfSurveys of their interest and retrieve meaningful benchmarking information that is catered to their company’s specific situation and grounded in academic knowledge.


Survey Analyst

Consultants can invite clients to SelfSurveys and confidentially review the clients’ benchmarking results to enter into a dialogue about the possible strategies for acting upon SelfSurvey’s guidance.

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